I’ve managed to add over 1,900+ HD screencaptures of Arielle in her newest project: Love in the Great Smokey Mountains in which she shockingly served as an executive producer which would be the first for our girl.

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I’ve added several stills of Arielle’s up-coming movie Love in the Great Smoky Mountains: A National Park Romance into the gallery. We can’t wait for this to premiere on Hallmark on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023.

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July 20, 2023 – Arielle Kebbel (“A Brush with Love,” “9-1-1”) and Zach Roerig (“Vampire Diaries,” “Step Up: High Water”) star in “Love in the Great Smoky Mountains: A National Park Romance,” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, September 2 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel, as part of the network’s annual Fall into Love programming event.

Former high school sweethearts, Haley (Kebbel) and Rob (Roerig), bump into each other while at an excavation site for an archeological research team, currently in the field at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Rob immediately tries to reconnect with Haley and rekindle their romance, but Haley isn’t quite over Rob’s betrayal. During their senior year, Haley had applied for a research grant that was awarded to Rob instead of her. The two have not spoken since, but now Haley is determined to remain professional as she and Rob work together at this exciting excavation site. The two eventually reconnect over their common love of nature and history, spending time together exploring the park. But when Haley finds pictographs in a cave that may lead to the existence of a mythical Cherokee diamond, Rob struggles to keep up with her adventurous nature. And to complicate their relationship even more, they discover they are once again competing for the same research grant. They work together and finally find the cave, and slowly realize that the journey is perhaps more important than the destination – and love is more valuable than any research grant.

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains: A National Parks Romance is from Johnson Production Group. Timothy O. Johnson and Joseph Wilka are executive producers. Robert Ballo and Robin Conly are producers. Kebbel serves as co-producer. Danny J. Boyle directed from a script by Bruce D. Johnson.

Another season finale is upon us and Arielle yet again had a brief appearance on tonight’s episode. I hope this could be a sign that she be on the show more. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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May 16, 2023  •  Joshua

Wow, what a shocker in tonights episode! Arielle made a brief appearance on tonight’s episode of 9-1-1. I manage to add at least 21 HD screencaptures into the gallery.

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May 09, 2023  •  Joshua

First off, we have a beautiful new theme (finally) from Claudia. She used some of the recent shoots that Arielle has done. I’ve also added all the missing events from 2022 and 3 events that Arielle has attended this year.

We also can be visited at Arielle-kebbel.com. This was the only TLD left of Arielle that had hyphen in it and I grabbed it. So you can visit the site at Arielle-kebbel.com, Arielle-kebbel.net and Arielle-kebbel.org now.

Mar 25, 2023  •  Joshua